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Ross Albers

"Martindale-Nolo is the perfect service for young attorneys and entrepreneurs like me. After researching online, I realized that no one would be looking for 'Ross Albers' and that I had to sign-up with Martindale-Nolo to get in front of people searching for 'DUI attorneys'."

- Ross Albers, Attorney, The Law Offices of Ross Albers, Maryland
Ramesh Raghuthaman

"Quality, Quantity, Client Responsiveness – this is what you can expect from Martindale-Nolo. Every attorney should spend their online $s with Martindale-Nolo. Just try it - the money will follow."

- Ramesh Raghuthaman, Managing Partner, D. Miller & Associates, P.L.L.C., Texas
Matt Long

"Martindale-Nolo keeps me competitive by providing a highly effective pipeline source that I can adjust to meet my business needs. In just 3 months, I have retained 10 clients out of the 40 referrals they provided! I would particularly recommend Martindale-Nolo's lead generation service to young lawyers starting their practice."

- Matt Long, Attorney, Rowley Chapman & Barney, Ltd, Arizona
Ryan Beach

"I love my rep, the service and results. Every month, I receive a steady flow of 20 leads and retain clients from 20-25% of those leads. That's 4 new clients per month! I particularly like contributing articles, the user-friendly online dashboard and email notifications that enable me to manage my campaigns and respond to inquiries immediately."

- Ryan Beach, The Law Offices of Ryan Beach, P.L.L.C., Michigan
Jason Rappaport

"All 50 lawyers I’ve talked with agree: Martindale-Nolo produces the greatest ROI at the lowest risk with no long-term contracts. To-date, I've realized a 20x return on my investment with Martindale-Nolo.New attorneys have to try this service! It's one of the few lead generation services you can try for just a few hundred bucks – and you're guaranteed to get leads."

- Jason Rappaport, Attorney, Rappaport Law, Ohio
Charles Clapp

"I’ve tried several internet advertising services, and only Martindale-Nolo delivers quality leads of which I’ve been able to convert 10-20% to clients. Three years and thousands of leads later, Martindale-Nolo's lead generation service continues to deliver the highest ROI for my practice. There’s no doubt that attorneys will be successful with Martindale-Nolo, as long as they service the leads and follow best practices."

- Charles Clapp, Attorney, CMC Law, GA
RJ Harber

"Martindale-Nolo helps me grow my practice by providing a steady flow of leads pertinent to my DWI practice. I'd recommend the service, particularly to new lawyers who need to start their client base."

- RJ Harber, Attorney, The Law Offices of RJ Harber, Texas

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